Guest Stars

We want to bring the top guest stars into our convention, giving you the best experience possible at ChaseCon Expo! Erica Schroeder, Blake A. Foster & more will be joining us 4.25.15!

The fun of ChaseCon

Whether you're 3 or 102, a day at ChaseCon will make you feel like a kid. Spend a day with us, and enjoy memories for years to come. Bring friends, family, cash, and have fun!

The Event

4.25.15 The Top Con in upstate NY will have...

Things to do. You'll have Artists tables, various Vendor tables of all kinds to shop at. A free movie theater that will play from 10am-11pm! Cosplay contests, panels all day, live podcasts, a ton of great things! There will also be an open eatery in the Saratoga City Center. Lots of activity all day, nothing to be bored with!

Gaming. We will have gaming all day long from 10am-11pm. Magic, Warhammer, Yo-Gi-Oh, Super Smash Bros. 1,2, & 3 Tournaments and many more! All in one huge gaming room!

Guests stars. ChaseCon will be bringing only the top guest stars to upstate NY in Saratoga, live at the City Center!

ChaseCon Expo was founded in 2014 by Samuel J. Chase. It'll be known as a Comic Con Expo, featuring not just comic book dealers, but artists, vendors of all kinds, and guest stars.




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